The main exhibition for the Nordland War Museum in Narvik.

Narvik War Museum

Narvik was attacked from the sea side on April 9, 1940. It happened because Hitler wanted to gain control of the ice-free harbor in Narvik, which gave access to Swedish iron ore that was to be used in the German war machine.


The exhibition is built around the historical events in and around Narvik. At the same time, a large area is introduced in the exhibition for a reflection zone called "ZONA", where the visitor must be surprised, provoked and moved to think about the conflicts the world sees today.


The museum experience is organized so that one moves down through the three levels of the mouse from the safe, known, local historical overview to the more complex "under the surface" of the local narrative, to the very complex and "unsafe" of ZONA where one does not get answers, but many questions.

Zona exists in its own time and is not a historical museum exhibition. It has its own time and a very special mood that is hard to describe, it just has to be experienced.

It creates an opportunity to combine themes and feelings, past and future, in ways that are almost without precedent in related museums and centers. 


Historical objects are used in interaction with modern technology, design and scenario to address issues related to war and conflict.


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