Explore the powers of nature


In the flat and wast western Jutland a clear and anchored geometric shape rises up in the landscape. From the top you can see all the way to the ocean edge while the westerly wind howls in the ears.


Naturkraft stages our encounter with nature and its forces based on local natural phenomena and reaches out to larger, global themes such as climate change and sustainability.


The large circle encircles a park in which West Jutland's many types of nature are gathered in a new form of man-made ecosystem. A small mixed habitat where visitors can feel, smell and taste local nature.   


The ambition is to create fascination through experiences and stagings of the forces of nature. Because when we are fascinated, we become curious - and we reflect, learn and feel like changing our behavior.


Integrated in the circle is a 4,300 m² building that houses the part of Naturkraft that emphasizes understanding and reflection on the forces of nature.

Inside the building is a sea of big and small ​​installations that tell about special natural phenomena on the  west coast of Denmark. 


The ramp up to the Tree of Life sphere is used to tell the story of how the wind moves with the sand - and the human planting conversely seeks to stop the sand escape.



Inside the domes the universal stories of nature are told. here you are met by the great contexts of nature.

"The Tree of Life is a spectacular exploration
of the cycle of life. Here conveyed the course of the year in the life of a tree, in order to provide an understanding of key phenomena of nature."


The dome "Man in nature" indicates that our combined actions have consequences for the environment both locally and globally. 


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